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We Have Settled Millions in Tax Debts since 1996

Most people think that tax relief is about breaking the chains from IRS Collections and harassment.

Actually, resolving IRS issues is not about the IRS at all.

It is about getting the freedom you deserve for yourself and your family.

Freedom from bank levy worries.

Freedom from fear of embarrassing letters to your employers.

Freedom to buy property in your own name.

Freedom to build your business.

Freedom to create generational wealth for your family.

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Myth: The IRS doesn't settle accounts

Fact: The GAO reported over $1B in annual settlement writeoffs

A few examples of what's possible from our Wins! 
Owed $49,198
Settled $500
Local Delivery
Settled 2020
Owed $89,208
Settled $2,351
Auto Mechanic
Settled 2021
Owed $96,864
Settled  $10,630
Administrative Employee
Settled 2021
Owed $784,854
Settled $13,000
Construction Contractor
Settled 2019
Owed $240,000
Settled $40,000
Business Owner
Settled 2017
Owed $399,000
Settled  $162,000
Private Retailer
Settled 2014
Owed $28,503
Settled $75
Settled 2014
Owed $113,110
Settled $1,500
Settled 2017
Owed $29,912
Settled  $500
Home Aide
Settled 2019
Our Signature Process
Our 8 Step Tax Relief Process
Step 1
Stop The Bleeding
We act as an intermediary between you and the IRS. We handle any issues that are hot buttons that might cause a Lev to be issued after you've retained us. We allow you to handle your business while we handle the IRS.
Step 2
File Missing Returns
We perfect compliance by filing any missing tax returns and make recommendations for additional withholding or estimated payments based on your situation.
Step 3
Go Forward Plan
We establish a go forward plan for tax optimization.
Let me chime in here. Tax optimization doesn't mean necessarily the lowest tax, but what it does mean is that you're gonna pay the minimum amount of tax for which you are legally liable.
Step 4
Clarify the Problem
We review your IRS tax file and clarify the exact areas needing correction.   We identify what you should be filing and paying, where the ball was dropped and how to get you back on track.
Step 5
Solving the Problem
We recommend the ideal  resolution based on your unique case facts. This may be an Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreement or Currently non-collectible; however, most common is some combination to achieve your optimal outcome.
Step 6
Strategic Positioning
Strategic positioning for resolution is to educate you how to do business or conduct your services in a way that will be conducive to immediate and continued compliance and optimization in the future.
Step 7
IRS Agreement
We'll present what the options are, what the implications are and we work with you to determine the plan presented on your case.

Step 8
Renewed Freedom
Once your resolution plan is finalized, you are now free to focus on what's most important to you.  You can continue to work with us for annual filings and maintain your compliance.
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Settling with the IRS

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